Helpful Information for Parents

We know that parents will have many questions as their child grows and develops. We have gathered together some useful information on a variety of topics that parents may find useful.

Dummy - Yes or No?
There are always lots of questions surrounding the use of a dummy. What age should they be used for? What time of day? How do they affect a child's ability to learn to speak? Are they good for a child's teeth?

We have found these links which might help parents with their decision. We also have a display at pre-school highlighting some of the concerns around the prolonged use of dummies.

Limit the Use of Dummies
Do Dummies Affect Speech
Using Dummies

Potty Training
When should you start potty training? What signs should you look for that your child is ready?

NHS Advice - How to Potty Train
Five Signs Your Child is Ready - Potty Training
Potty Training - useful articles

Small children often go through phases of not sleeping through the night, and as busy parents this can cause all sorts of problems!

Sleep Concerns

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