Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Newsletter - 19th January 2021

Here is our latest newsletter.

Important Dates - please note some of these may have changed

Friday 12th February - Last Day of Term

Monday 22nd February - Start of Term

w/c 29th March - Easter Fun Week

Thursday 1st April - Last day of Term

Monday 19th April - Start of Term

w/c 24th May - Sponsored Bounce

Friday 28th May - End of Term

Monday 7th June - Start of Term

Thursday 22nd July - End of Term & Inset Day

Session Fees

All invoices for February will be issued shortly and should be paid by 3rd February.  Late payment of fees will automatically incur a penalty fee of £15 and continuous failure to pay fees will result in the removal of your child’s place from pre-school.  Please see our Policies & Procedures page for our updated Fees policies for further clarification. 

Please speak to Jayne or Julie regarding any payment issues so that we can avoid any problems. 

Early Drop Off - 8.45am

Due to the current lockdown and a lack of need for our 'Early Drop Off' service at the moment we have decided to suspend it until further notice. We will review the situation as national and local circumstances change and will advise as and when this can be reinstated.

Absence from Pre-School

For those parents who have decided not to send their children to pre-school for the time being please remember that you will need to provide a week's notice should you wish them to return. Should you wish your child to return then please drop us an email and we will arrange a suitable date.

If your child is absent due to illness, then please remember to let us know by either text or email. All absences must be confirmed in writing.

What do we do at pre-school? 

Each week we will be letting parents know what topic we will be covering along with our shape and numbers of the week. We will be posting this information on Tapestry, our website, our Facebook page and via email. Should you need any more information regarding the weeks topic then please use Tapestry to chat with your child's key-person who will be only too happy to help and advise.

And please remember to use Tapestry to let us know what your child has been getting up to outside of pre-school.

Contacting Pre-School

Please remember that you can contact pre-school on 07960 983423 between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Outside of these hours please use our email.

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