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What's Happening at Pre-School - 25th January 2021

What’s Happening at Pre-School - w/c 25th January 2021

Shapes of the Week

This week we are looking at Oval & Love Heart.

We will be talking about the properties of each shape; what makes them special? How many sides do they have?

Over previous weeks this term we have already looked at Star, Circle, Triangle, Square & Rectangle.

Numbers of the Week

This week we are looking at numbers 7 & 8

Over the previous weeks this term we have looked at numbers 1 to 6. 

Does your child recognise these numbers? Can they recite from 1 to 8, and maybe beyond? Are they able to count objects and match to the correct number?

Focus Activity

This week we will be getting creative and making pictures by sticking with different shapes.

We will be talking about the shapes we are using, their properties and where we can see those shapes in the world around us. We will be using shapes to create our own pictures by using them for a specific purpose.

The activity will help children develop their fine motor control and their ability to spend time focused on an activity.

Messy Play

We will be having two different activities this week. We will be playing with cornflour by mixing it with water to create a non-Newtonian fluid; something that has both wet and dry properties. This is great for fine motor control and experimenting making marks, drawing in it and even letter formation.

Then we will be playing in shaving foam; this is a great sensory experience with children able to talk about how it feels and what it smells like.


We work with children all the time to encourage their colour recognition and this week we will be using our multi-coloured parachute and a ball to help with this as well as having lots of fun. This also helps children with their gross motor control as well as their ability to take turns.

We hope this information is of use but please get in touch if you have any questions (please use Tapestry).

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