Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Guide to Fees & Funding

A Guide to Pre-School Fees and Government Funding

Pre-School Fees
  • Fees will be calculated at a rate of £4.15 per hour. 
  • Fees for 3 year olds will only apply to any hours taken outside of their allowed government funding. 
  • For those parents who need to pay fees an invoice will be placed in your child’s drawer during the first week of each half term. 
  • We request that fees are paid in full by the stipulated date. 
  • Fees are payable when a child is absent from pre-school. 
  • Fees are payable for ‘Inset Days’. 
  • There will be no charge for bank holidays or special circumstances when activities dictate the need for sessions to be cancelled. 
  • Payment is accepted in cash or via bank transfer. 
  • Receipts will be issued for all cash payments received. 
  • Reminders will be issued if fees have not been paid by the stipulated date, requesting payment in full within 7 days. 
  • If payment is not received following the issue of the reminder an administration charge of £15.00 will be incurred. 
  • Late payment of fees will be subject to an administration charge of £15.00. 
  • Springfield pre-school reserves the right to withdraw a child’s place if payment of fees are not made or if there are extended periods of absence without prior notification and agreement.
Derbyshire County Council Funding
  • Derbyshire County Council provides funding for all 3 & 4 year olds, as well as some 2 year olds (dependent on meeting certain criteria). 
  • This funding is provided up to a maximum of 30 hours per week per 38-week school year. This is split between Universal Funding of 15 hours per week which is available for all 3 & 4 year olds and Extended Funding; this is an additional 15 hours per week dependant on certain criteria being met. 
  • Parents are advised to visit to determine what they are entitled to and how to claim those entitlements. 
  • Your child will become eligible for funding the term following their 3rd birthday as follows; 
           Birthday Date     Term Funding will be Received
           1/4 – 31/8           Autumn (September)
           1/9 – 31/12         Spring (January)
           1/1 – 31/3           Summer (After Easter)
  • Parents eligible for the Extended Entitlement will need a ‘30 Hours Code’ before funding can be claimed. 
  • ‘30 Hours Codes’ must be obtained prior to the start of the terms quoted above. Failure to do this will result in parents being invoiced for any hours attended over the Universal Funding of 15 hours. 
  • All ‘30 Hours Codes’ must be re-confirmed every 3 months via the HMRC, failure to do this will result in the Extended Entitlement funding being withdrawn. 
  • As your child becomes eligible for funding pre-school will ask you to complete an FE1 form. This form provides details about the funding, how to claim it and what you are entitled to claim. 
  • Parents will need to provide their child’s birth certificate/passport/red NHS health record book before funding can be claimed. 
  • Funding is not claimed for days when pre-school is closed. 
  • If your child attends another setting you are able to ‘split’ the funding between a maximum of three settings (limited to two settings per day). 
  • Each term parents will be asked to consider the number of hours their child attends so that any amendments can be forwarded to Derbyshire County Council to ensure that the funding issued is correct. 
  • At this time parents will be asked to sign the FE1 form again as confirmation of their wish to claim funding. 
  • Each term has a ‘Headcount Date’ as decided by Derbyshire County Council. This is the date that children must be registered with us in order to receive funding. 
  • Funding cannot be guaranteed for any changes to the number of hours that a child attends that are made after ‘Headcount Date’ and could result in parents paying the appropriate fees. 
  • Children who attend for more than their funded entitlement will need to pay for the extra hours attended at a rate of £4.15 per hour. 
  • Children who claim all their funded entitlement at another setting will be required to pay £4.15 per hour attended. 
Lunch Period
  • Any child attending for a full day must provide a packed lunch. 
  • Children attending for half days have the option to have lunch at pre-school. This must be decided in advance and a packed lunch must be provided. 
Essential Supplies Contribution
  • A contribution towards the provision of essential supplies such as snack, craft supplies, wipes, tissues etc are requested at £5 per half term for children attending 9 hours or less per week, £10 per half term for children attending 18 hours or less per week and £15 for children attending for more than 18 hours per week. 
Drop-In Fees
  • ‘Drop-In’ hours are those that are taken over and above a child’s regular hours, and usually at short notice. 
  • Parents are advised to speak to the Early Years Manager if ‘drop-in’ hours are required giving as much notice as possible. 
  • ‘Drop-In’ hours are paid for at the time and will incur the normal hourly rate. 

If you have any concerns or questions regarding anything to do with fees or funding then please speak to our Early Years Manager who will be only too happy to help.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Summer Fair Success

We had a lovely time at our Summer Fair on Friday and thanks to everyone who supported the event we managed to raise a fabulous £882!

A big thank you to the committee and staff who worked tirelessly organising the event, thank you to all those parents who donated items and to everyone who came along and spent their hard earned cash.

We would also like to thank the following businesses who supported by way of raffle prizes and supplies;

Asda, Long Eaton
Lidl, Sandiacre
Warm for Life
Co-op, Sandiacre
Morrisons, Ilkeston
The Vanda Vase
Pure Destinations
KH Hair
Rush Hair
Sutherland & Barnet
Theatre Royal, Nottingham
Derby County Football Club
Trent Bridge
Two for Tea
Jade & Ella Nail Spa
Springfield Hall
Gusto cafe
Simply Hair & Beauty
Marcos, Kegworth
Marks & Spencer
Highfields Happy Hens
Cyrils Nut Hut
Highfields Park Mini Golf
McDonalds, Chilwell
Pasha Barbers
Tropic Skincare
Diddly Doo's