Thursday, 24 September 2020

Mini Newsletter - 24th September

 Just a quick update now that we have been open for a few weeks.

Thank you to everyone for following our 'parental agreement' and being appreciative of these unusual times that we all find ourselves in.

In light of the new government announcements we just wanted to let you know that we will be continuing with all our current Covid precautions and procedures. We have systems set-up to ensure that all hands are washed or sanitised frequently throughout the day and at all key times (toileting, eating etc) along with stringent cleaning of the building.

We would ask parents to be aware of the 'yellow line' that we have placed outside the main door and ask that parents do not cross this line unless invited to do so by a member of staff. It is vitally important that social distancing is maintained while on and around pre-school premises; this means maintaining the appropriate two metres from staff as well as other parents. We do not want to be in a position where staff on 'door duty' have to wear a mask as we do not feel this is appropriate for welcoming in the children, however we have a duty of care to our staff and if we feel that their safety is being compromised then staff will be advised to wear masks when at the door at the beginning and end of sessions.

We are very aware that local primary schools are now operating staggered entry and exit times (and have been changing previously agreed times!) and that this can have a knock-on effect for parents with multiple children and schools. We do operate a 'Breakfast Club' which starts at 8.45am (cost is £2 per day) and are able to offer an early afternoon pick-up at 2.45pm that may be beneficial to some parents. Should you be interested in either (or both) of these then please get in touch (email or text please).

As Summer seems to have left us this week and we are now officially in the Autumn season we would like to remind parents of the importance of sending children with the appropriate clothing. We try to get outside every session (and this is something that is actively recommended during these Covid times) so please ensure your child has an appropriate outdoor coat with them each time they attend...and yes we do go outside even if it is raining (lightly!).

Please remember to check your child's Tapestry account on a regular basis to see what they have been up to at pre-school and remember you too can create your own 'Observations' to let us know what your child has been doing outside of pre-school. Completing the 'All About Me' for your child and updating it as and when needed is also a great help for staff.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short update. As always if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch either via email, phone or Tapestry.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Newsletter - 3rd September 2020

 Hello & Welcome Back!

We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for the new school year. We’d like to give a big welcome to all those who are starting with us over the next few weeks; we hope you all have a great time here at Springfield.

Important Dates for your Diary

Wednesday 7th October - Photo Morning

w/c 19th October - Cake Sale Week

Friday 23rd October - End of Term

Monday 2nd November - Start of Term

Saturday 28th November - Christmas Fair

Thursday 10th December - Christmas Celebration 

Wednesday 16th December - Christmas Party

Friday 18th December - Last day of term

Friday 18th December - INSET Day - pre-school is closed

Please note all these dates are subject to change and with potentially short notice.

Pre-School Post COVID!

The last few months have been very strange indeed and we were so thankful that we were able to re-open in June if only for a limited number of children. We are now able to re-open our doors to more children but are still required to follow government issued guidelines to keep our children, families and staff all safe.

Parents will have received via email our  ‘Parental Agreement’ that lays out some of the new requirements and changes to our pre-school life. It is vitally important that parents read, understand and agree to follow this agreement in order to secure their child’s place at Springfield.

It is also vitally important that pre-school has your up-to-date phone number (we should have a main number and at least one emergency contact number) as well as a valid email address. The majority of our communications will be issued by email. If any of your contact information has recently changed please email the correct details to 

If you have any questions at all please speak with either Jayne or Julie; this is easiest via email or by phoning between 9.00am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday on 07960 983423.

Face Masks

We are not able to accept visitors into pre-school at the moment and this includes parents. Staff will be available to chat with parents outside while maintaining appropriate social distancing. If, due to extenuating circumstances, parents (or other third party persons) do need to enter the building they will not be allowed beyond the foyer area under any circumstances, an appropriate face mask MUST be worn at all times and surfaces should not be touched. Should a visitor, or parent, refuse to wear a mask when asked they will be refused admission.

Staff will not be wearing face masks unless it is deemed appropriate if a child becomes ill while at pre-school.

Session Fees

Invoices for all fees will be issued via email; all invoices are issued for the term up to the 23rd October and should be paid by the date stipulated. Payment should be made by Bank Transfer only.  Late payment of fees will automatically incur a penalty fee of £15 and continuous failure to pay fees will result in the removal of your child’s place from pre-school.  Please speak to Jayne regarding any payment issues so that this can be avoided.

Funded Sessions

All children aged 3 & 4 are eligible for the ‘Universal Entitlement’ of 15 hours funding per week and some children will be eligible for an additional 15 hours per week under the ‘Extended Entitlement’ scheme. All funding starts the term following the child’s third birthday; 

Birthday Date Term Funding will be Received

1/4 – 31/8 Autumn (September)

1/9 – 31/12 Spring (January)

1/1 – 31/3 Summer (After Easter)

We will be sending home an FE1 Funding Form for those children claiming funding and this must be completed, signed and returned as quickly as possible to ensure that we can process your claim correctly and speedily.

Please remember that in order to access the additional (Extended Entitlement) 15 hours per week you must register with the HMRC and have received a ‘30 hours’ code. Once you have this code you will need to  ‘re-confirm’ your status with the HMRC every 3 months. To find out more please speak to Jayne or Julie, or visit 

Funding is also available for some two year old children, parents are advised to visit to find out whether they are eligible and how to claim.

Staff Changes

Mel has decided to move onto pastures new and will not be returning to pre-school this September. We would like to thank Mel for all her hard work, time and commitment over the last 5 years, we will miss her lots but wish her every success in her new employment.


We would like to ask all parents to complete the ‘About Me’ page of their child’s profile; this is accessible via the Tapestry web page and not the app. Please remember that parents can complete ‘Observations’ too...this is a great way for your child’s key-person to know a little more about what you and your child get up to outside of pre-school. This can in turn help us to ensure that we provide the best possible activities and resources that are most appropriate to your child. 

Tapestry is also a great communication tool between pre-school and parents; staff can use ‘observations’ to let you know what your child is currently achieving and how you can help us to help them achieve their next steps. Parents can discuss their child’s development or anything else that they feel is relevant to their child’s time at pre-school.

Policies & Procedures

Our policies and procedures can be found on our website these cover everything from safeguarding to absences to dropping off and collecting children to managing illnesses. Should you have any questions please speak to Jayne or Julie.

Parent Committee 

In order for pre-school to open its doors we need to have a parent committee in place. The committee are there to oversee the operation of pre-school, to assist the management team and most importantly organise and run our fundraisers. We need a minimum of 5 committee members and of these there are three named roles - Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Should you wish to know more about being part of the committee please speak to Jayne or Julie who will be only too happy to chat and pass on any relevant information.

Without the support of our parents Springfield would not be what it is today. The role of our committee is vital to ensure the continued growth and development of pre-school and is a role very much appreciated by all of us involved with Springfield.

School Photographs – Wednesday 7th October

We have a provisional date of Wednesday 7th October for our School Photographs Morning, however until we are contacted by Tempest Photography we cannot guarantee that this will be happening, nor do we know what COVID secure measures will be in place. As soon as we have any information we will let parents know.

Contacting Pre-School

You are able to contact pre-school between 8.45am and 3.15pm, Monday to Friday on 07960 983423. If you need to contact us outside of these hours then please use our email and we will respond as appropriate. Or alternatively please use Tapestry to communicate with your child’s key-person and keep us up to date with any pertinent news or developments; this can be especially useful if parents have any developmental concerns, are starting potty training or have had a new medical condition diagnosed. By knowing this sort of information we can work with parents to ensure the best possible experience and outcomes for your child.

Please note that all staff work a variety of hours and may not always be available immediately. Staff should not be contacted via social media platforms as parents and staff are not to be linked via social media, unless there is a family or prior connection. Please note that Jayne does not work Monday or Wednesday.

Who’s Who at Home?

To help us know more about your child’s life, as well as to help the staff, we would like all parents to pop onto Tapestry and create an ‘Observation’ called ‘My Family’ and include photographs of the people who are important in your child’s life as well as anyone we may come into contact with. So please include photographs of those family members and friends who we could see at drop-off or pick-up at pre-school. Thank you.

General Reminders......

Name Labels - Please ensure that all of your child’s possessions are clearly labelled with their full name.  All bags, including lunch bags, should be labelled on the outside as we have a number of children that have the same style bag and the lack of a name can cause confusion for both child and staff alike!  If items are found unlabelled we will write names on with a black marker pen.

UniformAll children must wear a red top or jumper whilst at pre-school.  Tops with the pre-school logo are available at reasonable prices, please see Jayne or Julie should you require any items.

Red Book Bags - All children must have a red book bag that should be brought to pre-school each time they attend.

Clothing – It is imperative that children are sent to school in appropriate clothing.  Children should be sent prepared for the weather with appropriate outdoor clothing as we always try to get outside – whatever the weather!  Footwear should enable children to climb and move with confidence; ill-fitting shoes can spoil their fun when pursuing outdoor activities as well as cause unnecessary accidents.  Indoor clothes should enable a child to be as independent as possible, especially when using the toilet when time may be short! So please avoid using tricky belts or dungarees that could hinder a child’s attempts to get to the toilet on time. 

Absence – Absence due to holiday should be notified in writing/email in advance. Absence due to illness should be notified by text by 9.15am (morning sessions) or 12.15pm (afternoon sessions).  

All absences must be confirmed in writing.

Children’s Bags - Your child must bring a small bag/back-pack with at least two sets of spare clothes (including socks!) in case of toileting accidents or messy/wet play; please ensure that the bag is of a size that your child can carry themselves and is clearly labelled. 

Changes - Please remember to let us know of any changes relevant to your child and their circumstances.  We need to know if your contact details have changed, of any allergies or medical conditions and any other circumstances which may affect your child during their time with us.

Policies & Procedures – pre-school operating policies & procedures are available on our website 

Useful has been developed specifically for parents of children aged 0 – 5 and provides lots of useful information and advice. For information relating to funding, child benefit and more please visit 

How to Contact Pre-School

Our phone number is 07960 983423 (Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 3.15pm) or email us at 

You can also check our website and Facebook page for up-to-date information. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram.