Wednesday, 19 September 2018

What is the EYFS?

As with any workplace there is a lot of jargon that gets used and even in the 'Early Years' sector we can be guilty too. You may have heard the phrase 'E Y F S' get used...but what is this?

This actually stands for 'Early Years Foundation Stage' and is the curriculum that all children follow from birth until the end of their Reception year.

This is a guide to ensure that all children make progress and achieve their potential. But what does it all mean...well rather than waffle on here we'd like to direct parents to a great website called Foundation Years that has lots of useful information for parents from babies all the way to Reception year.

There is a great document that explains all about the Early Years Foundation Stage that we think parents will benefit from reading so just click here.

If parents would like to know more or would like a paper copy of this information then please just speak to any of our staff.