Sunday, 1 March 2020

Newsletter - Settling in at our New Building

Well, we have completed our first week in our new building and we would just like to thank everyone for supporting us through this transition.

Everyone involved in the move has worked extremely hard and we are really pleased with how everything has gone. A big thank you to Lou for loaning us her van, to Aaron for the use of his van and extra manpower and to all the staff and their partners who did an amazing job to get everything moved in only a matter of hours!

Now we are in there is going to be a period of settling-in and getting used to the building, it’s layout and how that affects our routines and procedures. So we really appreciate parents ‘bearing with us’ while we iron out the wrinkles and tweak as we go along!

So just a few things for parents to be aware of;
  • We are not currently using the area to the side and rear of the building; both areas need some work before we can happily use them. Plus we are still waiting on Erewash Borough Council to give us the go-ahead on where we can site a much needed storage unit. So please ensure all children are prevented from accessing these areas.
  • The area to the front of the building is a mixture of grass and hard paving; at the moment we are NOT using the grassed area due to the wet conditions as well as the siting of a ‘memorial tree’. The children have been told about this and have been amazing at avoiding the grass! We would ask parents to avoid the grass as well and ensure that their children when with them do the same.
  • Memorial Tree - as just mentioned in the grass area to the front of the building there is a tree planted with a plaque. This is in remembrance of a former guide leader and we would ask parents and their children to be respectful of this.
  • Spare Clothes - please remember we DO NOT have any spare clothes at pre-school. Please ensure ALL children are sent with at least two changes of clothes; this is in case of both toileting accidents or getting ‘messy’ during water and investigation play. If a child needs a change of clothes and has been sent without any spare we will have to contact parents and request that dry/clean clothes be brought in. 
  • At the end of the afternoon session parents are invited into the main room to collect their children. Please give due care and consideration to other parents as well as the staff whose main priority at this time is ensuring the safety of all children. Parents should refrain from calling out or beckoning to their child as this can be distracting to other children and staff alike. Our main priority is to ensure that the correct child and parent are reunited safely and efficiently.
  • Suggestions - if you have any comments or suggestions (good & bad!) about the new building and the knock-on effect on our provision then please let us know. You can speak to either Jayne or Julie or better still drop us an email at We will take on board all suggestions and use these to ensure that we can continue to provide the best possible care and education for your children.

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