Friday, 5 July 2019

Newsletter - July 2019

Important Dates for your Diary
Monday 15th July - Reception Year Leavers Concert (4pm start)
Friday 19th July - LAST DAY
Monday 22nd July - INSET DAY (official last day of term)
Tuesday 3rd September - INSET DAY
Wednesday 4th September - Back to School

Website -
Did you know we have a website? There is lots of useful information for you on there from information about fees and funding to our policies to useful links as well as a ‘Who’s Who’ at pre-school.

Social Media
You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and these can be great ways to keep up to date with what’s happening at pre-school as well as sharing in some of the fun that we have.

Last Week of Term Fun!
During the last week of term we are hoping to have lots of fun and allowing! We are hoping to have some science based fun as well as a potential ‘water fun day’, so please keep an eye out for texts!

On Tuesday 16th July we are having a ‘Sports Day’ and ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’. Everyone is invited to pop along at 1pm with their teddy bear and have a picnic (please bring your packed lunches!). After the picnic we will hold a very relaxed Sports Day!

If your child usually attends on a Tuesday afternoon please provide them with a packed lunch (and teddy bear!). We would also like to invite all the parents of children who usually attend on a Tuesday afternoon to come along and join in the can of course bring your own teddy and packed lunch too...please arrive by 1pm.

If a Tuesday afternoon is not your child’s ‘usual’ day then please arrive at pre-school by 1pm with your picnic and teddy bears. Parents MUST stay with their child for the duration.

Picnic will be at 1pm and once we’ve all eaten we will have some fun sports games; we might even have some ice lollies as a treat!
We hope lots of you can make it to join in the fun 😃

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