Thursday, 4 July 2019

Useful Information

Useful Information

Changes From September
Fees - All fees will be charged at the new rate of £4.35 per hour. The contribution towards ‘Essential Supplies’ will remain unchanged and continue to be requested at 50p per session, per week, per half term.

Lunch Time - As from September only those children who attend for a full day will be able to have their lunch at pre-school. Parents will still be required to provide a packed lunch and follow our Lunch Time Policy; there will still be no charge for this.

Claiming a Funded Place for your Child
All children aged 3 & 4 are entitled up to 15 hours of Universal Funding per week, with some children entitled to a further 15 hours of Extended Funding per week (often referred to as ‘30 Hours Funding’). Some two year olds may also be eligible to funding. We advise all parents to visit to find out what they are entitled to and how to claim it. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that parents find out this information and action it promptly. Without correct codes, obtained within specified deadlines, parents may find they miss out on their full entitlement.

Parents who already claim the Extended Funding are reminded of the importance of re-confirming their ‘30 Hours Code’ every 3 months as failure to do this will result in funding being withdrawn. Please speak to Jayne should you have any questions.

How to Contact Pre-SchoolOur phone number is 07960 983423 or email us at

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